Handmade in Victoria from all natural ingredients and the finest fairly-traded Peruvian organic raw cacao; traditionally tempered to give you the lovely glossy finish, the clearly defined snap when you break off a piece and the slow velvety melt-in-the-mouth of really good chocolate; with no dairy, no gluten and no cane sugar, Liefje chocolate is delicious, luxurious and virtuous.

We love beautiful chocolate that has been created with respect to the growers and suppliers of each and every ingredient.

We love chocolate that does not give us a sugar spike and then cause us to crash in a heap, which is what happens when we eat traditional chocolate, even the good stuff.

We decided to create a chocolate which tastes as decadent as the best, without the old-school sugar spike and using only fairly traded raw cacao, so we can indulge in a little luxury knowing our bodies will thank us for it and the growers have been properly paid for their labours.

We work only with natural ingredients and our chocolate is handmade in small batches. Our chocolate is FODMAP friendly, includes no dairy, no gluten, no cane sugar, no soy, no preservatives and is suitable for vegans and Paleo folk.

We use only organic raw cacao, which is packed with natural antioxidants.

Not all our ingredients are raw because we love the taste and texture of roasted nuts and spices.

We use certified organic ingredients wherever we can because organic produce respects both our planet and our bodies. However, a few of our ingredients are not certified organic, such as the Crabtree Murray Darling salts, but we know where they come from and can vouch for their purity.

We sweeten our chocolate with organic Canadian maple syrup. Maple syrup is low GI so it doesn’t create that short-lived sugar rush and accompanying crash. Unlike agave maple syrup is also FODMAP friendly for those who need to avoid high fructose foods. And, most importantly, we love the toasty flavour it brings to our dark chocolate.